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da original wogurl's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
da original wogurl

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holla back [26 Oct 2004|11:40pm]
[ mood | awake ]


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biore [06 Dec 2003|02:32am]
[ mood | geeky ]

I have a biore strip drying across my porous ROUND prone to all sorts of allergens NOSE...and I sneeze.

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xanga [16 Oct 2003|12:19pm]
[ mood | good ]


check it: http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=lenahaha

yah i'm at xanga too.

love, lena

ps. tell me how u been lately mang?

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SIGH [23 Sep 2003|01:24am]
[ mood | okay ]

another sigh.

looking for part-time no comittment job. HAHA.

yah not really funny.

very broke.

feeling focused and nervous. can i really do this teaching thing? summer's off? face possible persecution from teens? too nice--get stepped all over? holidaze off? pretty stable eh? social change in classroom? 7 classes in a row?

yah.. i cant even think straight these days.

well i cant think straight even more these days.

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eh? [02 Sep 2003|01:15pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

glamard (1:05:49 PM): there isn't much more to life besides school, work and boys

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mang [30 Aug 2003|12:54am]
[ mood | cynical ]

i must be pmsing.

but for real.. no more bungholes.. u heard? also. no more bunghole manifestations. no more askin for bungholism. i will be happy just being bungfree aite?!

dreams bout makiing out wid friends is ok..looking and salivating at boys is ok.. but once u wake up and think its not a dream! o no.. watch out for the bungholism... wipe the drool off the corner of ur lip...the dried trail along ur chin...just wipe that all offf..

beware of bunghole syndrome tho.. it comes when u least expect that u actually care. bunghole is a manifestation of our own manifestations usually.. i say... no more bungholes! meaning, no more.

bungholiciousness makes for embittered ranting and tirade.

i saw beware! beware!

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theory [29 Aug 2003|12:42am]
[ mood | determined ]

glamard (12:37:14 AM): did i tell you my theory about IM
me (12:37:25 AM): OOO do tell me
glamard (12:37:27 AM): i think most of the more active users have 3 screen names
me (12:37:39 AM): oo i have 3 !
glamard(12:37:43 AM): one's the one that everyone knows and that they give out to people
me (12:37:44 AM): but i only use two
glamard(12:39:16 AM): another one is when you want to check people's profiles but don't really want to be bothered *or* you're already signed on at home and you don't want to disconnect that
glamard(12:39:21 AM): for various reasons of course
me (12:39:39 AM): haha
glamard(12:39:49 AM): and the third screen name is for when you want to stalk people and don't want them to see you
me (12:39:54 AM): HAHAH
me (12:40:03 AM): thats so funny
glamard12:40:06 AM): it's really good for ex-girlfriends and people that you owe money to
me (12:40:15 AM): haha
me (12:40:24 AM): im gonan quote u
me (12:40:26 AM): is that ok?
glamard(12:40:34 AM): that's cool

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bleh [10 Aug 2003|03:04am]
i want to be normal.
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whoa. [11 Jun 2003|10:53am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

ok so i'm like currently addicted to friendster. this cyber playground is takin over. i'm "wogurl" on friendster.

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bjchan [22 May 2003|02:32am]
[ mood | drained ]


Gecko, Gecko,
What a hecko!
Won’t you come to tea?
I’ve cooked up all your favourites
Won’t you come and see?
There’s spider chips and roasted moths.
And crisp fried honeybees,
Ladybird pies,
And a pudding of earwigs and fleas.
Gecko, Gecko,
What a hecko!
Won’t you come to tea?


Numbat, Numbat,
Coloured like a tabby cat.
No milk and fish for you,
Just termite pie and bull ant stew.

o brendy..how u've grown.. turning 9 this july.. my sweet lil nephew...cant go to skool cuz of SARS..

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cleaning up [16 May 2003|10:06pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

graduating..gettin a ba in women's studies.

right now...i feel like im riding a wave..

wow. how much can i downplay my privilege. so that i feel ok to celebrate my lil accomplishment.

so i may not have been born with the social capitol that propels us into fanciful customary comforts borne from our reliance and belief on higher education.

now its grad skool. .. regardless of whether ur goin to dental skool or gettin ur mfa in creative writing..or gettin ur phd in third world epistemologies..

i have access to that.. what can i say to that.. how am i gonna turn away from that exposure.. so thats what the tarts are talkin bout.... im one of those lil tarts straight outa college.. expecting life to offer me its warm chicken soups...

should i be more ambivalent..

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reeling [15 May 2003|12:41am]
[ mood | rushed ]

ishle park is so dope... after "pussy" i was hella sold! women unite. it's great to see growth, artistry, politics rolled into a phenomenol writer, poet, activist woman!

i am currently in purgatory. afraid to write, afraid to read.. afraid of what i may/not be able to do.

i want a community of artists/poets/writers to learn from. i have been advised to seeek a community out.. or form one. i am scared.. it seems so daunting of a task.

in the meanwhile, im gonna research nikki giovanni's life and work. a goood excuse to stimulate me and put me on the road to graduation.

so much shittt due!!!! aaakkkk

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shower dreams [07 May 2003|10:30pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

my homegirl asked me recently what i think bout in the shower. this is conducive to what one does when they are on the toilet..or on the bus..in ur car during a commute...

what do u think bout usually?

i usually daydream/fantasize...

i often digress/regress...

i sometimes expand/rethink...

one thing is for sure.. i think bout the ppl that have come and go in my life.. they had the spotlight on them.. they were there to make me feel at least a tad better.. or a tad warmer.. a tad smarter..

i wonder if i have ever had a spotlight on me in someones life. i would like to meet em.. haha..

i can say ive been disappointed by folks that i thought were cooler than they have become. maybe i have become less cool as a result and have become all angst.

far removed from me: i know of a soul.. fine azz guy...fine azz personality.. got his girlfriend knocked up.. they gettin married soon.. registered at target... the works.. he just turned 21. he loves her no doubt.. that is his reason for marryin her.. one has to believe that.. kid.. responsibility aside.. they love each other.. SHIT THATS AWESOME!

i sorta wanna quarantine myself. ive become darker and more callous these last couple of years in college.. hormonal influxes.. emotional retardation.. im doin a paper and have taken a break to reflect here... this is where i'm at..

i really dont want drama.. esp. the kind i have contributed to as well..

it's time for change.

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floored [26 Apr 2003|12:39am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

some ppl say i am mad.. some say i am overreacting.. ive been told i shouldnt let it bother me..


and more than anything just simmering in confusion...

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so much... [20 Apr 2003|10:50pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

watched BLT this weekend! im not a film person. i would usually rather clean my room than go see a movie, but when it comes to indy, political, asianammy..i'll make it a socioreason to see the movie..since it isnt PURELY for entertainment.

so i watched it. and i liked it. and i realized i prolly wouldnt have watched it if it werent asianammy..but thats the thing..the fact that it IS asianammy is implicit in the workings of the movie..so that it wouldnt even be a movie if it werent basically an all asian american lead cast. u just cant replace it. the characters are the total fabric of the movie, their ethniicity and social construction and the ways in which their wake-up calls reverberate in the audience b/c of the shock that their actions just dont match up ..

anyway..enuf blt gushing.. go see it tho if u havent yet. commute if u have to..i know a fool who took a roadtrip from austin to houston (yah Texas!) to see it this weekend.

on a different note: 10 gestalts of the week/end
1. u cant please everyone, including urself.
2. u only got urself, so u better try to please urself.
3. love is elusive and illusory but more succesful when it's a product of mutual imaginations.
4. u will die w.o imagination.
5. aim is bad for me, esp since i like to eat my words a lot.
6. aim is good for me, b/c_____________
7. friends and family make relationships u still neeed to work on.
8. some friends u just gotta let go.
9. esp. those "friends"
10.step one is step one.
10.5 supplementing meat protien is tedious but challenging.

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ee eee eeee [09 Apr 2003|01:10am]
[ mood | chipper ]













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fleeting flattering flatulence [31 Mar 2003|12:26pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

newly updated pix from my LAST Spring Break.

If you will observe... I love my folks, my peeps, my partners... in life.

There's a freakin war goin on.. PEOPLE ARE FUCKIN DYING.
Me and gf's passed by a "pro-troops" rally this weekend on our way to the Asian Art Museum near Civic Center. I spied some cops playing cards.. i spied the nazi red, white and blue flags whippin in the surprisingly warm winds of a forgiving sf spring day.
And at the corner of mcallister and larkin, i spy a sole dissenter shouting "stop the war" raising his homemade banner and barkin at the ambivalent automobiles.
I know he is the majority in this walmart world. right?

>>>new vocab and antonyms: sointoyou & goinuts
>>>factor in distance, area codes and zip codes and heartstring elasticity before makin a bet on someone
>>>nervous tick and charming giggle may go hand in hand
>>>Munkee (12:54:41 PM): maybe the next one will kinda just fall into place
Munkee (12:54:46 PM): like it wont hit you
Munkee (12:54:51 PM): u know what i mean
i would like to know feel what she means, cuz its so different from knowing.

in the meanwhile:
back to skool. so much to look forward to.

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finals week [16 Mar 2003|11:30pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

so.. my body has been breaking. literally...
i have tedonitus in my right knee. hormonally induced tenderness in my mammaries have assaulted me in the night! AND on top of that....allegra and vioxxx keep my wired and dehydrated..so im averaging miniscule hours on the sleep

i am a haven of gore.

o...i also have finals this week and work interspersed between also.

Questions to study/write for:
Labor and Working Class with (awesome) Dana Frank
How has gender shaped the history of work and worker's struggles in US, 1955-2002?

Sociology of Emotions with Martyna
What kind of evidence does Terrence Real present to support his claim that males suffer from covert depression?

Feminist Critical Race Studies with Rahdika
A recurrent theme of the course has been to assess and analyze the processes by which what we may call legitmate "American" national identity is produced. These processes includes constructing Islam as unassimibly Other, situating Asian Americans as perpetual immigrants, homogenizing the differences between Native Americans as "the past" of American history. Thus, legitimate American national identity is produced through the processes that are simultaneously national and internationa, structural and ideological, historical and contemporary. Using at least three essays, and focusing on comlex processes of inclusion and exclusion outline how dominant American identity is produced.

Despite my lack of time management, my preoccupations wid purples skies and cozy cocoons on my own constructed planet/moon, and cravings for all things fried...

I am glad somebody is asking me these questions.

Good luck everybody!

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siGHH [11 Mar 2003|09:16am]
[ mood | listless ]

Im feeling soo....


I'm feeling... sheepish!

Also tryin to control something that is goin to burgdeon (sp) within me.

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all this talk [24 Feb 2003|11:22pm]
[ mood | determined ]

all this talk bout self-histories, dreams, group identities makes me want to reiterate my own significance.



in da midst of change again.

i'm in competition with myself. i'm so gonna do it.. i know i am. i'm gonna blow myself away.

and no one will be able to stop me!

except ME.

note to self: last leg of pms lends to a spurt of overzealous confidence.

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